Bible History in 50 words

Worship For All on Sunday 6th June looked at 4000 years of history of the Bible

June’s Worship For All (catchup online here) was looking at the subject of the Bible - thinking about it’s history, who wrote it, how we got it and, most importantly, who it tells us about. In conclusion, the Bible is the book that’s influenced billions of people, Christian and non-Christian. For us, it’s a way to connect with, listen to, and be changed by God. The bible wasn’t written to sit on a shelf or gather dust.

The church and COVID-19

What have we done, what are we doing - and what can you do?

What’s happening with COVID? After a year of disruption and shifting between different mixes of onsite and online, we’re starting to move back into our buildings - carefully, of course! Just now, because of the limited number of places available, that means you need to check in advance that there’s space and book your place - and please let us know if things change and you can’t make it, because we will probably have people on a reserve list, just in case.

Welcome to the new website

It's time for a slight shift in focus and a new look

Why a new website? Yes, welcome to our new website. The aim is that it’s a front door to the benefice. It tells you about our services, our activities and our buildings. It helps people find out about what we offer. The previous site was a bit more ambitious. It let us post a wide range of content, but it also took quite a bit of effort to maintain. It’s been at the heart of our online presence over the last year or so and we’ve been very lucky to have it.