The Old Testament in 50 words

Worship For All on Sunday 4th July looked at the Old Testament


July’s Worship For All (catchup online here) continued the theme of the Bible with a look at the Old Testament.

The story of Israel is a full-on roller-coaster with awful, wrenching lows and dizzying, wonderful highs. The shape of that story made every 1st Century Jew who they were and it formed the scripture that Jesus used. If we want to understand Jesus then we need to understand where His story fits into history. Jesus fulfils that crowning old testament need for a saviour - He continues the story. A new chapter. We talked last month about needing to wrestle with the Bible. Can we fully understand the new testament unless we understand the Old Testament and all the groundwork God has laid for what comes next? It might take a while but, in the meantime, here’s the Old Testament in 50 words…

    God created
    Eve tempted
    Noah sailed
    Abram envisioned
    Abraham tested
    Jacob wrestled
    Joseph sold
    Pharaoh dreamt
    Israelites enslaved
    Egypt plagued
    Sea parted
    God commanded
    Moses received
    Ruth followed
    Goliath slayed
    David anointed
    Solomon judged
    Temple built
    Israel divided
    Kings ruled
    Jerusalem destroyed
    Daniel spared
    Temple rebuilt
    Whale sated
    People waited