19th July COVID rule changes: Sunday worship

On 19th July the COVID restrictions changed - which has an impact on how we worship.

On 19th July the government made most restrictions that have been in place during the pandemic optional and a matter of personal choice.

We know that many of the restrictions we undertake are not for our own benefit but for the benefit of others. Therefore, after considering all the guidance, and taking into account the current trends in case numbers, the church team will be implementing the following, in all our churches, from 19th July. We thank you for your co-operation.

  • We strongly advise that people wear a face mask during the service.
  • Hand sanitizer will continue to be available at the beginning of the services.
  • Those who use the track & trace app will be encouraged to continue to check in but we will no longer require everyone to sign in, though sign in sheets will be available for those without the App who would like to.
  • We will retain socially distanced seating, however, if you wish to sit with someone else and you have all agreed it, that is fine.
  • We will resume the singing of hymns whilst asking people to remain seated, masked and facing the front.
  • We will request that people remain in their seats during the peace but make sure there is enough time for people to greet everyone without physical contact.
  • We will continue to move to the steps/altar rail to receive communion, following social distancing rules.
  • We will retain reception in one kind only until there is clear guidance on how we can return to the common cup safely.
  • We will be serving refreshments outside after the service, weather permitting. Please bring your own mug/cup.

These decisions will be reviewed in mid-September.