Bible History in 50 words

Worship For All on Sunday 6th June looked at 4000 years of history of the Bible


June’s Worship For All (catchup online here) was looking at the subject of the Bible - thinking about its history, who wrote it, how we got it and, most importantly, who it tells us about.

In conclusion, the Bible is the book that’s influenced billions of people, Christian and non-Christian. For us, it’s a way to connect with, listen to, and be changed by God. The bible wasn’t written to sit on a shelf or gather dust. The bible was inspired by God, written by people, argued about by religious councils, and fought over - people have died for the Bible; died to have bibles in their own language. The bible is there to be read. To be grappled with. To be brought to life, in our lives; shaping us to live as God wants.

The history of it was summed up in 50 words:

    God spoke
    Prophets warned
    Poets sang
    Lawyers judged
    Scribes wrote
    Rabbis taught
    Seventy Greek-ed
    Jesus preached
    Paul posted
    Gospel spread
    Councils fought
    Canon formed
    Jerome Latin-ed
    Monks illuminated
    Gutenberg printed
    Clement decreed
    Henry split
    Protestants reformed
    Tyndale burned
    James authorised
    Mary walked
    Translations grew
    Copies multiplied
    We read
    God speaks